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Any location for a borewell drilling as per vasthu shastra.

Prior to the creation of tanks and other present-day parts of putting away wate…

Pondicherry borewell ground water related issues and problems.

GROUNDWATER RELATED  ISSUES AND PROBLEMS In light of the great degree of ground…

Pondicherry (Puducherry) borewell aquifers types.

BOREWELL AQUIFERS TYPES Borewell Aquifers level Cretaceous Aquifers Type 1 Amon…

Pondicherry borewell ground water potential and utilization pattern.

GEO MORPHOLOGY AND SOIL TYPES   Geomorphology The Puducherry district overall …

What is mud powder? Why is used this when drilling borewell?

What is mud powder? Bentonite mud is utilized in mud revolving boring. It's…

Site determination and borewell commission

Existence site Determination. How to recognize a reas onable site for a borewe…

Borewell and Tubewell Constructions

Borewell  construction. Borewell's and Tubewell's India is an agrarian …

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