In light of the great degree of ground water improvement, it is deduced that a significant piece of the locale could be considered defenseless against water level exhaustion. Poor re-energize conditions and overdraft of accessible groundwater assets are essentially answerable for the undeniable level ground water improvement in the locale. As the ground water in every one of the permeable sedimentary developments in the eastern piece of the district is in pressure-driven association with the ocean, the locale is additionally defenseless against saline water entrance.

groundwater problems and related defects
Groundwater related issues

The more profound semi-bound a lot of springs in the space are additionally being broadly evolved by different areas. An investigation of the conduct of groundwater levels in the space shows the improvement of land ward water powered slope in pieces of both Tertiary and Cretaceous springs. 

The water from Phreatic/Alluvial, Tertiary and Cretaceous springs from significant pieces of the area is of medium to high saltiness and low sodium peril, according to U.S. Saltiness lab characterization. Anyway, water with high saltiness and medium sodium risk are accounted for from both Alluvial and Tertiary springs in the seaside spaces of Puducherry area. Exceptionally high saltiness and high sodium are accounted for from select wells along the coast because of ocean water interruption. 

Many water based ventures have been set up in the Puducherry Region during the mid eighties due to accessibility of ground water and power. A portion of the compound ventures began unloading the synthetic substances, both utilized and unused, in open yards and delivering untreated effluents on open ground/unlined channels. Accordingly, in the Puducherry district, ground water is found contaminated in the mechanical homes, especially in the Mettupalayam region, prompting natural debasement. 

The State Ground Water Department has built a battery of tubewells tapping both shallow and profound springs along the coast to screen the ocean water interruption and the salt-new water interface development because of huge scope improvement of ground water lately. Water levels and water tests are gathered once in a couple of months. Impacts of ocean water interruption and interface development are seen in a portion of the perception wells. 


Mass awareness campaign (MAC) and Water management training program (WMTP) 

One WMTP was coordinated on "Downpour Water Harvesting Training" at the conference center of PASIC complex, Thattanchavadi, Puducherry during the year 2003-2004. The preparation was gone to by 36 officials from different State Government offices, Representatives of Commune Panchayat Administration, Farmers Association, Social Welfare Organization, Voluntary Organization, Builders Association and so forth 

One Mass Awareness Campaign on "Ground Water Management, Regulation and Conservation" was coordinated at PASIC complex, Thattanchavadi, Puducherry during the year 2003-2004. 

The discoveries of investigation completed by CGWB, the consequences of Geophysical examinations for source finding and their restrictions, Ground water asset capability of Puducherry Region of U.T. of Puducherry, techniques on Ground water asset of executives and the need for guideline and water preservation were disclosed to the social affair of 250 individuals. 


Focal Ground Water Authority has not told any region in the locale. Legislature of Puducherry has authorized "The Puducherry Control and Regulation Act 2002" and in this manner "The Puducherry Groundwater Control and guideline rules 2003" has been instituted with the end goal of guideline and control of improvement of groundwater. In concurrence with the standards, Puducherry Ground Water Authority has moreover been included, and it manages groundwater control and rule.

Moreover, the Government of Puducherry 1999 made courses of action in the said act in regards to the groundwater improvement. 

No individual will concentrate or utilize groundwater in the planned region for any reason other than homegrown purposes. No individual will ship groundwater through a truck, trailer or some other merchandise vehicle 


According to the groundwater asset assessment dependent, upon GEC 1997 standards, the degree of groundwater movement as in March 2004 is 179 percent in Puducherry area. As the ground water advancement in the Puducherry locale is fairly extremely high, no further groundwater improvement is to be supported. Then again, there is a pressing requirement for guideline of over-abuse, insurance and expansion of ground water assets to re-energize the drained spring frameworks. Escalated observing of ground water levels and water quality must be taken up in the waterfront spaces of the locale to screen the development of new water – saline water interface. 

Counterfeit re-energizing of ground water through savvy downpour water gathering frameworks might be advocated in the region by giving impetuses to people/networks setting out upon such drives. A deliberate exertion including different government offices and NGOs can make important mindfulness among the rustic masses. 

Healing measures and detachment of contamination by modern units might be taken up to decrease the harm to the ground water assets in the area. A drawn-out system to control and opposite the ocean water entrance by restricting the ground water extraction by including nearby state holders is essential. Likewise, the rising water redirection and re-energize to the waterfront spring in the western side of set up interface line is fundamental and activity plan toward this path with cooperation of state and focal offices and modern foundations is suggested. Compelling spring remediation innovation can be distinguished and drilled to limit the spring tainting in powerless pockets. 

Since there are countless water system tanks in the district, reasonable measures for expanding the quantum of capacity by desilting, raising of bunds and so on must be taken up promptly which will work with re-energizing of the shallow water table spring to an impressive degree. For re-energizing further springs and to forestall ocean water interruption, re-energize tube wells in every single positive tank and seaside regions is suggested.


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