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"Nayaki" Bore-well and Contractor (OPC) Private Limited Company held begun in 1987. The guardians of the current head of the organization are the ones who began the organization and brought it to good growth.

We Create.

Bore well drilling and contractor private limited
"Nayaki" Bore Well And Contractor Private Limited

But Mr. "A. DINESH," who is currently the director, has been leading the company as it is being looked after by the mothers till February 2nd, 2021, and is leading the company to make it more popular among the people on the path of further development.

Running Now.

Bore well drilling service in "Panruti".
Borewell Drilling site

"Nayaki" Borewell & Contractor Company is a contractor for the completion of a bore well and related works. We are constructing bore wells at a low cost in proper places like agriculture, vacant lots, houses, factories, and some more places.

We also clean the borehole at a low cost with a high-power air compressor. 

We have also received formal government certification to construct a bore well and clean the bore well under the subsidy.

Many more things.

"Nayaki" Bore Well And Contractors (OPC) Private Limited (incorporate) is perceived as quite possibly the most driving multi-penetrating project workers and friends situated in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Having more than 34 years of involvement with this, well, boring business. Currently, the Company got approved for joining by the Indian government.

Bore well compressor used drilling hard rock machines.

Hi-Power Borewell Drilling Machine

We are famous as one of the dependable bearing well, boring project workers of Borewell and Drilling Services, Soli Testing Services, Borewell Contractors, Plumbing Services, Rainwater Harvesting System, Industrial Borewell administrations, and so forth. Our exceptionally qualified and committed representatives empower us to offer a wide scope of well-serviced.

Our Growth.

Today "Nayaki" Bore Well And Contractor has arisen as a Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry No. 1 Water Well Drilling Contractors of Water Well Drilling Rigs and in numerous pieces of India and the world to Contractors Friends. For recent years, we have been settling water emergencies in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. The critical development of an organization in the field of penetrating ends up being one of the significant client upholds. This achievement has been accomplished by the quality administrations given by us to our highly regarded clients.

Set up in the year 1987, We "Nayaki" Borewell is perceived as quite possibly the most driving and dependable multi-disciplinary boring workers for hire situated in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Having more than 34 years of involvement with this tube well, boring business, now the organization moved Registered with Incorporation (On 2nd February 2021) and the organization has been offering the best answers for a wide range of water-related exercises. Our exceptionally experienced, penetrating administrators and committed specialized workforce are a necessary piece of the organization who have culminated the workmanship and study of boring, well, boring. We offer brilliant Tube Well and Bore Well Drilling Services, Tube well Drilling Services, Borewell Drilling Services, Rain Water Harvesting Solutions, and Pile Foundation.

Low price, bore well drilling, agriculture development
The bore well Drilling For Agriculture

We have specialization in bore-well cleaning and establishment of siphons, keeping the client's inclination at our need. Every one of the state-of-the-art innovations and machines is liked to offer great types of assistance to our esteemed clients from the nation. On the off-chance that you are looking for an expert, bore-well-boring worker-for-hire in South India, our organization has incredible standing in this field and bore-well-boring for different measurements, with profundity going from 150 to 2500 feet. Besides, we offer the best after-deal administration, conforming to client comfort and inclination.

Having our registration. Administrative Centre, in Madurai (Tamil Nadu) and Branch. Our office at "Madagadipet, we are driven by Mr A. Dinesh," whose inside and out modern information has assisted us with conveying solid administrations to our customers. Our phenomenal innovation and skill, just as financially savvy arrangements, help us in addressing our client's needs.

Today, our consistency is offering bonafide types of assistance—we can check a specialty in this aggressive market. Our strategic advantage is gotten from the specialized mastery, responsibility, and genius of our kin to convey the greatness to our clients. Please visit our site, www.nayakiborewell.com

"Nayaki" bore wells have an establishment of pushes, pipe resting, h2o framework performs for savoring water, homegrown and different business organizations, government areas through our immense involvement in specialized foundation. We give all sorts of supports, like a choice of site areas, investigation strategies, Borewell configuration, pushes, and line resting work, and we have a Distributor of MUD POWDER, PEBBLES STONE, and CLAY BALL'S, according to the dirtiest state of the concerned region. The entirety of our clients is 100% fulfilled with our help and upkeep work.

Our Specialties.

We offer you an absolute responsibility for your Bore well, exhausting, and other related performs to be qualified. We worked in these after-fields:

Flushing of existing and, as of late, created bore wells with blowers.

Line resting and h2o system perform with acceptable work and equipment.

Soil Testing and Rain Water Growing.

Rig Drilling of 4 ", 6", 8", and 12" distances across Borewell

The power Rig Drilling of 4 ", 6" broadness Borewells

Rock Drilling Specialist

Rock's Stone and Compressor Cleaning Works

Master in Submersible Pump, Jet Pump, Erection and Services

Cleaning Old Borehole

Apparatus and Equipment.

Our own is outstanding, among other boring hardware. We have powerful hardware for our bore-well drilling.

They Are..

Moderate Rig Drilling Machine 2
Force Rig Drilling Machine 6
Blower Drilling Machine 2
The Blow For Borehole Flushing 2

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